FINISHED: October 13-14, 2018, Pangasinan Age Group

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FINISHED: October 13-14, 2018, Pangasinan Age Group

Postby genepol on Thu Oct 25, 2018 10:46 am

8th Pangasinan Age Group Chess Championship
October 13-14, 2018 FINAL RANK
Pangasinan Training and Development Center (PTDC), Lingayen.

Free registration and Billeting

The tournament shall be govern by the FIDE Laws of Chess Standard Play (January 2018) and the following ground rules:

A. Eligibility
The tournament is divided into the following age categories, with their respective date:
20 and Under (born Jan. 1, 1998 or later), 18 and Under (born Jan. 1, 2000 or later), 16 and Under (born Jan. 1, 2002 or later), 14 and Under (born Jan. 1, 2004 or later), 12 and Under (born Jan. 1, 2006 or later), 10 and Under (born Jan. 1, 2008 or later), and 8 and Under (born Jan. 1, 2010 or later).
The individual Swiss System (7 rounds) shall be adopted.
1. The Swiss Manager Pairing Program shall be used. Pairing according to start rank. NCFP August rating List
2. Rate of play will be Twenty Five (25) minutes with 5 seconds increment Delay Mode for each player to finish their game.
3. No defaulting time and recording of moves is optional.
Note: Protest on pairing shall not be entertained

C. Chess Clocks:
a. Used of chess clock is compulsory if available.
b. The players are required to bring their own chess sets & clocks (at least one).
D. Players, coaches and spectators are not allowed to make post game analysis, play against other coaches, spectators, players or discuss finished or unfinished games within the venue.
E. Players who have finished their games should leave the playing area immediately after submitting their score sheet or results.
F. Players must observe proper dress code. Sandos and Slippers are not allowed.

A. Standard Chess
a. Time control shall be Twenty Five (25) minutes plus Five Seconds (5) increment (Bronstein mode or delay) each player to finished their game.
b. Recording of moves is optional.
c. Illegal moves: Penalties 1st offense plus 2 minutes to the opponent. 2nd loss of the game. (Completed move)
i. Wrong movement of piece.
ii. Exposing one’s own king to the attack.
iii. Capturing the king.
iv. Non replacement of piece after pawn promotion.
v. Using two hands in making a move (e.g. Castling, Capturing and pawn promotion).
vi. Pressing the clock without making a move.
d. Infringement (Minor offense): The arbiters decides the penalty.

One (1) point for a win, one half (1/2) for a draw and Zero (0) for a loss.

The following Tie Break System in descending order of priority shall be adopted to determine the final rank.
1. Direct Encounter
2. Buchholz System
3. Median Buchholz
4. S.B. System
5. More number of wins (forfeits count)

A. The Tournament Director shall be Mr. German Francisco and the Tournament Chief Arbiter shall be NA Ricardo Yuson.
B. The decision of the Chief Arbiter on a point of law is final.
C. Any appeal or protest on the decision of the Chief Arbiter on a point of fact must be submitted by the player and the player coach in writing not more ten (10) minutes after the conclusion of the game in question with a cash bond of P1,000 to be refunded if the case is upheld. The decision of the CA in the point of law is Final.
D. The members of the appeals committee are the officials of Pangasinan Chess League.
E. All the deliberation of the appeals committee shall be presided by the Tournament Director.
F. The decision of the appeals committee on a point of fact is final.

Explanation of tie-breaks/clock
Direct Encounter- If all the tied players have met each other, the sum of points from these encounters is used. The player with the highest score is ranked number 1 and so on. If some but not all have played each other, the player with a score that could not be equaled by any other player (if all such games had been played) is ranked number 1 and so on.
The Buchholz System is the sum of the scores of each of the opponents of a player.
The Median Buchholz is the Buchholz score reduced by the lowest and the highest scores of the opponents.
Sonneborn‐Berger (S.B.) score is the sum of the scores of all opponents a player has defeated+ half of the scores of all opponents he has drawn with.
For tie-break purposes all unplayed games in which players are indirectly involved (results by forfeit of opponents) are considered to have been drawn.
For tie-break purposes a player who has no opponent will be considered as having played against a virtual opponent who has the same number of points at the beginning of the round and who draws in all the following rounds. For the round itself the result by forfeit will be considered as a normal result.
Clocks: Delay (Bronstein) mode: 6.3b. Both players receive an allotted ‘main thinking time’. Each player also receives a ‘fixed extra time’ with every move. The countdown of the main thinking time only commences after the fixed extra time has expired. Provided the player presses his clock before the expiration of the fixed extra time, the main thinking time does not change, irrespective of the proportion of the fixed extra time used.

The act of promotion may be performed in various ways:
A. the pawn does not have to be placed on the square of arrival,
B. removing the pawn and putting the new piece on the square of promotion may occur in any order.
Drawn games claimed: With his presence, the Arbiter decides.
1. Three times repetition of position.
2. 50 moves without pawn move or captured.
3. Obvious drawn position

Mobile phone must be switch off. 1st offense oral warning, 2nd forfeiture of the game.

All other matters not covered in this rules shall be decided by the Organizer who reserves the right to amend or alter any provision of the above mentioned Rules and Regulations for the success and interest of the event.

NA Ricardo Yuson NA German Francisco
Chief Arbiter Tournament Director


13 1 1:00 PM -2:00 PM
13 2 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
13 3 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
13 4 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
14 5 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
14 6 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
14 7 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


Age Categories
20 and Under ( B-year 1998 or later)
1st ₱6,000.00
2nd ₱5,000.00
3rd ₱4,000.00
4th ₱2,000.00
5th ₱1,000.00
6th to 10th ₱500.00 each

18 and Under ( B-year 2000 or later)
1st ₱5,000.00
2nd ₱4,000.00
3rd ₱3,000.00
4th ₱2,000.00
5th ₱1,000.00
6th to 10th ₱500.00 each

16 and Under ( B-year 2002 or later)
1st ₱4,000.00
2nd ₱3,000.00
3rd ₱2,000.00
4th ₱1,500.00
5th ₱1,000.00
6th to 10th ₱500.00 each

14 and Under ( B-year 2004 or later)
12 and Under ( B-year 2006 or later)
10 and Under ( B-year 2008 or later)
1st ₱3,000.00
2nd ₱2,000.00
3rd ₱1,500.00
4th ₱1,000.00
5th ₱1,000.00
6th to 10th ₱500.00 each

08 and Under ( B-year 2010 or later)
1st ₱2,000.00
2nd ₱1,500.00
3rd ₱1,000.00
4th ₱700.00
5th to 10th ₱500.00 each

Contact Person: NA German Francisco 0906-548 0641 / facebook: Pangasinan Chess League
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