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  • Welcome to Philippine Chess Portal!!! The No.1 Philippine Chess Website!!!
  • Philippine Chess Portal (PCP) also known as Pinoychess.informe.com is an unofficial Philippine chess website that intends to cover all news, features, articles, tournaments, players, chess clubs, chess advertisements, etc. related to Philippine chess. PCP was created by Hector U. Santos Jr. on October 17, 2007 as a not-for-profit Philippine chess website with the aim of promoting chess in the Philippines. PCP is a free site that is reader-generated, volunteer-driven. You send it, we post it. PCP encourages everyone to register and post in the forum all the announcements, news, tournaments, pictures, features, etc. about Philippine chess. Please be reminded that PCP will NOT accept/solicit any kind of donations. PCP is regularly maintained by John Manahan, Anthony Navarro and National Arbiter Boyet Tardecilla.

    Chess information regular contributors and posters includes:
    Filipino Chess Masters - Marlon Bernardino, Rogelio Antonio, Yves Ranola, Angelo Young, Roderick Nava, Domingo Ramos, Rudy Ibanez, Roland Perez
    FIDE Arbiter, National Arbiter - Ricky Navalta, Meinard Pulido, Ronnie Tabudlong, Jun Balbin, Boi Tabirao
    Tournament Organizer/Manager/Director - Dr. Bong Perez, Engr. Larry Dumadag, Raul Sol Cruz, John Sy, Alex Dinoy, Paul Abucejo, Sam Resma, Tom Fabella etc.
    Numero uno chess journalist of RP/Former Executive Director of NCFP - Bobby Ang
    Top Pinoy Chess bloggers - Rusticbull of chesswindows, Des Catolos of chessheroes
    Top Pinoy Chess columnists/reporters - Frank Pestano, etc.
    Barangay Wesley regulars - Sugardom, Geniokov, etc.

    In selfless service to Philippine chess,
    Philippine Chess Portal Team (email us pinoychess.informe@yahoo.com)
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    Job Evaluation
    Job evaluation by Bobby Ang - Business World 12.5.08 The 2008 Dresden Olympiad was a great triumph for Armenia, Israel earned its first medals (silver) ever, and the bronze for the American team was the result of a great comeback. How did the Philippine team do? We finished in 46th place while our regional rivals China was 7th, Vietnam 9th, India 16th and Bangladesh just finished a notch lower than us at 47th! Doesn’t that make you want to pull at your hair and kick something? Is Vietnam now really a stronger chess country than the Philippines? Do you recall that Bangladesh beat us in the last round of Bled 2002 and placed higher than us? We had better rout it in a team tournament somewhere soon, or it might start getting ideas! Sheesh — in the ’70s we had the arrogance to send a student team (if my memory serves this included Bordonada, Mascarinas, Maninang, Caturla and Roger Abella) plus Rudy Tan Cardoso to the Asian Championships and we still beat all these countries handily. Obviously, I am not happy with the Philippine team’s performance in Dresden, but let us put in a little objectivity here, for there has been a lot of nonsense coming out lately. For example, I saw Sammy Estimo, former chess Olympiad team captain, write a commentary in the papers: "Our team to the Dresden Chess Olympiad was doomed even before it left. Its composition — from a faulty national qualifying system — and board assignments were pitiful. "Top off ...

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