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November 25, 2018 (Sunday)

Chess enthusiasts (kiddies, youth and adults) are cordially invited to join a one-day, three-division Rapid Chess Tournament on the above-cited date at the VENICE GRAND CANAL MALL – one of the grandest and most beautiful malls in the Philippines! Just being there is synonymous to a taste of Venice, Italy... the world-famous and crystal-clear grand canal river is replicated within the said mall, complete with colorful, actual-size gondola bancas which are available for joy-ride to mallgoers. And of course, the river-replica which is most sought-after and a must-shot for selfie / groupies enthusiasts is surrounded by mouth-watering Italian cuisines and world-acclaimed food chains.

The event will be held in an air-conditioned venue, located at the Activity Area in the 2nd Floor of Venice Grand Canal Mall. Lots of prizes (up to ten places and category prizes for each division and reasonable registration fees) are at stake coupled with raffle prizes and freebies from the organizer and participating outlets. Full details are to be posted on this site within this week.

Don’t miss this and watch for it!

FIDE National Arbiter ALFREDO CHAY
Managing Director
Mind Games International
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